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What We Offer

We provide various services to meet our client's many needs. Below is an overview of training, consulting, auditing and mediation packages we offer. Each of our offerings are customized and tailored to the entity for which we are servicing. 


All of our standard courses are offered in training format. Each training is customized for the requesting group, organization or entity for which it is being offered.


Individuals, groups, organizations and other entities interested in our consulting services, are welcome to book a consulting session.


We conduct comprehensive equity audits, which feature: organizational analysis, representation index, qualitative benchmarking and recommendations for process improvements.

Executive Coaching

Ready to work to adopt the growth mindset necessary to drive change within your workplace? We provide customized comprehensive plans to architect thought leadership approaches: Develop Self (Mastery) Empower Others (Well-being) Motivate Others (Influence)

Project Management

Are you ready to take your diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility journey to the next level but need process implementation and project management support? We provide programmatic supports to aide clients with re-imagining workplace culture, practices and policies.


We'll investigate and manage on-the-job conflict by employing conflict resolution techniques for small and complex issues involving workplace discrimination, conflict within teams and termination.

General Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are common terms, but what do they really mean? This presentation defines the broad scope of diversity and discusses how a comprehensive understanding of diversity helps foster environments where everyone feels valued, safe, and welcome. 

Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Romantic Orientation

Gender and sexuality can be complicated to understand, but we are here to help. This presentation is designed to help participants understand the differences between identities and orientations.

Social Justice: Civic Engagement

What is social justice? How is it achieved? What is my role in social justice? This presentation is designed to answer these questions and provide participants with strategies to promote an environment that is socially just for all.

Bias and Stereotypes

Sometimes our own paradigms cloud our judgement. Throughout this presentation, participants will reflect on ways in which their own biases influence interaction with others. 

Standard Courses

We provide customized professional development training in-person and virtually. Our training equips participants with the core competencies they need to meet the challenges associated with our changing world and work so that no one gets left behind. Participants will learn what their role is in creating a culture of belonging, and will be empowered with the knowledge and resources they need to architect an inclusive and equitable future of work. Request our full- standard course catalog today!

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