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Social Justice Intern

Careers in social justice and human relations are both rewarding and competitive. Our full service human relations firm specializes in diversity, equity and inclusion training competencies. We regularly offer training in the form of diversity workshops, cultural awareness seminars, bias training, etc. to companies and organizations looking to strengthen their workforce towards a more inclusive future. If teaching people how to be kind to others sounds of interest to you, have a look below! We have compiled a list of open positions for your consideration.

Our Social Justice Internship is designed for students committed to change and interested in gaining work experience in a human relations firm that focuses on social justice issues, particularly around racial justice and diversity, equity and inclusion strategies.

Interns will begin to explore some of the root causes and effects of racism, inequality and prejudice through introductory public policy research, service-learning, communications, and exposure to overarching organizational and governmental structures.

  • Research current events related to diversity, equity and inclusion work.

  • Assist with the design and execution of social media campaigns.

  • Assist with training curriculum and presentation.

  • Other duties as assigned.

  • The intern will foster a deeper understanding of why social justice is important and why diversity, equity and inclusion training is so necessary.

  • This internship pays $15/ hour.

To apply to this internship: submit a resume, a professional reference and a letter of interest/ cover letter to

Deadline January 15, 2024.

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We have served clients in a variety of industries including universities, government agencies, corporations and non-profits. We are happy to serve your organization if you are ready to improve your business culture by developing thought-leadership through diversity, equity and inclusion.

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