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  • Customized D.E. I. Workbook
SKU: 364215375135191

Customized D.E. I. Workbook


Issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility are of utmost importance in today’s corporate and public service worlds, and our full service human relations firm is at the forefront of effecting change in the key areas of racial and gender relations, cultural awareness and social, cultural, and professional competencies. When using this interactive training guide, senior level managers, employers, entry-level employees, staff and citizens will increase their racial awareness, eradicate their bias(es) and heighten their consciousness! 

    • Customizable diversity, equity and inclusion workbook
    • Features 15 pages of customized training excercises and interactive self-reflective activities for professionals of any field (i.e.: law-enforcement officers, educators, public health professionals, hiring managers, conservative and liberal politicians)
    • Features to 100% of customized content
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