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We are at the forefront of forging

human harmony in corporate spaces.

Not because we chase the possibilities associated with tomorrow, but rather — we create them.

Company Strategy

While we believe in teaching with a common- sense approach, our company strategies are rooted in data metrics, because we know that no company can manage what it does not measure. This data-driven, common-sense approach is encompassed in all of our mediation, training facilitation, consulting and auditing services.


We specialize in, but are not limited to the following competencies and strategies: diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, belonging cultural competency, accessibility, and change management. 


Clients We've Inspired

With Our Mission

We have served clients in a variety of industries including universities, government agencies, corporations and non-profits. We are happy to serve your organization if you are ready to improve your business culture by developing thought-leadership through diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Why Choose Us?

It has been a joy to know and work with Mynesha Spencer of All of Us Together Co. We were happy with the quantity and quality of feedback we received from the focus groups that Mynesha led for our organization. Additionally, the participants gave high remarks about Mynesha's facilitation skills. I highly recommend Mynesha's services and look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Director of Programming

Susie Owens

MENTOR Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska

When I think about what All of Us Together Co. has done in the Macon, Georgia business community and all that the firm does daily now across the United States, the only word that comes to mind to describe their work is Outstanding! The Macon Black Pages are proud clients of the firm. Because of their strategic consulting, we have re-imaged existing partnerships and created new innovative partnerships which in turn has resulted in innovative programming and processes.

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Habersham

Macon Black Pages

Macon, Georgia

We are so happy with Mynesha's attention to detail while planning and facilitating our D.E.I. training. She made the process so comfortable for us all and I appreciated how she could answer all of our questions on the fly. We loved working with her!

Executive Coordinator

Nicky Sullivan


Omaha, Nebraska

Mynesha has helped us work with our foundation's grantees in providing feedback on their equity work and has provided us a framework for how we can assess organizations on their equity journey in an action-oriented way. Mynesha also completed an equity audit for our organization and will be leading a series of courageous conversations focused on building our team's individual competency and comfort to engage in discussions about race and racism.

Director of Operations

Emily Nguyen

Weitz Family Foundation

Omaha, Nebraska

Upon meeting Mynesha, I was struck by her enthusiasm, drive, extensive knowledge and expertise on diversity, equity, and inclusion topics. We've spent a full year navigating All of Us Together Co.'s professional development D.E.I.A. curriculum. The feedback we have received from employees has been overwhelmingly positive. According to one staff member, Mrs. Spencer is the first person she had encountered who could present controversial topics in a manner that was insightful and encouraged discussion.

Chief Operations Officer

Kimberly Norman- Collins

Completely KIDS

Omaha, Nebraska

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