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(Space for All of Us) 240 minutes

Space for All of Us Diversity Workshop

Offers applicable multicultural training to its participants. This program recognizes that our society promises diversity, which in turn, promises complications. Through a variety of facilitated self-reflective activities, workshop participants will detect both explicit or implicit biases, prejudices, and or stereotypes they may have of others. Further, the training provides participants with the resources, skills, and knowledge needed to eradicate those detected realities. Beyond self-reflection, the workshop’s activities will help participants understand the importance of using intentional language, which will enable effective communication for multicultural discussions. All of Us, aims to cultivate inclusiveness among its attendees and it is anticipated that all learned language, thought processes, and knowledge will prove applicable to the lives and work of each individual workshop participant. This program is 240 minutes long and can be shortened or expanded to meet the needs of requesting clients. 

Developed for people who are:

  • Human Resource Coordinators

  • Human Resource Specialists

  • Mid- Level Managers

  • Aspiring Thought-Leaders

  • Collegiate students